Twenty Rich Dogs Who Are Much More Well-Off Than You’ll Ever Be

Some people say money isn’t everything. Well, tell that to some of these luxurious pups. Dogs are mans’ best friend, and therefore we do our best to pamper our pooches the best we can. Perhaps these dogs take pampering to an entirely new level, though.

Prepare yourself for a list of twenty dogs living the life of luxury that many of us will never see. From chewing on the finest designer toys to bathing in champagne, these dogs sure know how to party in style.


Oh, living the life of luxury is so daunting. At the end of the day, you can simply lay back and bask in the aftermath of your entire fabulous designer shopping.


Pug life knows how to roll in style. You see that two tone? Plus you’ll never see these pugs without their posse.


Trying to escape from the paparazzi with the shades and hood up. Luxury dogs have it ruff.


Real luxury dogs know how to drive their Audis in style. Stunner shades to match and all.


Rich dogs are all about taking care of the ladies, too. All done up with some roses and a private jet for that special girl…or dog.


You see that mansion? Yeah, that’s just the cottage house for guests.

They see me rollin' they hound hatin' tryna catch me riding dog dirty @tigger_teddy

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Traveling in the G Wag just gets so exhausting; I need to step out and stretch my legs.


Last night was a little crazy. Yellow labels in the hot tub is always a sign of a good time.


I only eat the finest. Here we have some pork tenderloin, mixed wild rice, with a sweet potato side, greens, and a lovely cranberry reduction. Oh, and a Cabernet that I have reserved for my fine wine and dining.


Beemer, Benz, or Bentley? I’ll take the Bentley every time, thank you!


Bentleys are worth barking over any day of the week.


I’m so fancy, I’m all Jimmy Choo’ed out from my head to my paws.


Don’t let my size fool you. I can get down just like the big dogs. Belvedere anyone?


That moment when you can’t decide between the Audemars and the Rolex, so you wear them both.


In the event that you can’t sleep, there’s always VIP bottle service to lend a helping hand.


It’s difficult to sleep unless you’re cuddled up with all of your money. I mean, really. I can’t get my beauty sleep without my Benjamins.


Audi R8 stylin’ with my stunner shades on. Most humans aren’t this fly.


Jet setting in your own private plane is just much more fun with a friend.


Don’t mind me. Just toweling off after my shower with a few extra bills. They’re only Jacksons anyway.


What do you even know about suicide doors with the custom paint job?