She Started Out as Just a Companion for a Disabled Woman – But Now…!

Sue Line of Coventry, Great Britain, has suffered from paralysis since she was in a serious auto accident a number of years ago. When she finally decided that she would like to have a dog as a companion, she got a puppy, Sadie. How this relationship turned out, though, is truly amazing!

Sadie Helps With Just About Everything


Sadie, a terrier mix, now four years old, had impressed her owner with her high intelligence. Sue knew that the dog had great potential to give much more than just friendship. After the pup completed extensive training with Dog AID, or Assistance in Disabilty, it appeared that Sue had found not only a companion but an invaluable helper.

She Brings in the Mail


She Helps With the Once Difficult Chore of Undressing



She Does it All So Cheerfully!


Sue is impressed that Sadie, while helping with the laundry, even knows how to sort colored clothes from whites!

What Else Can Sadie Do?

  • Helps to retrieve items from the shelves at the grocery store
  • Takes the phone to Sue when it rings
  • Pulls money from Sue’s purse to pay store clerks
  • Carries bags for Sue

Any Problems?

The one issue that Sue mentions as having been a problem was Sadie’s difficulty dealing with enticing food smells in restaurants. But, as intelligent and trainable as she is, Sadie has learned to overcome the strong temptation so common in dogs to be distracted by food.

Accomplishment and Recognition


The woman’s level of confidence has skyrocketed, as she feels so much more independent now , with Sadie’s help. Her family is now under much less pressure to have to help the disabled woman, and are able to relax more, knowing that she is being well cared for.