Is it Possible for a Pooch to Have a Bucket List? You Doggone Bet it is!

Being a world traveller sets you apart from 99.9 percent of the rest of the human race. So, you’re special. Why not let your doggie enjoy all those beautiful and exciting places travelling right alongside you? Here are some great places for the two of you to visit:


Amazing San Francisco, California, USA

…including, of course, a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. What better photo opportunity can there be than your best friend posing smartly with the iconic landmark in the background?


Poland is for (Dog) Lovers

Every park is really adogpark – justask your pooch! Oh, and he might remind you to be sure to come back after dark for the water/light show here at the Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park.


Nevada and California‘s Fun Lake Tahoe

Your best buddy will love showing off his dog paddling skills at this crystalline lake in the Sierra Nevadas. Hiking the mountain trails here is definitely a must. Then, if your pooch is little enough, you just might be sneak him into a casino for some nighttime slot machine action!


Canada’s Scenic Banff National Park

Who says dogs don’t appreciate beautiful vistas? Well, what makes you happy and peaceful tends to do the same for your four-legged friend. Nothing gets you closer to nature than Canadian forests, and glaciers and icefields — eh?


The Grand (Glen) Canyon, Arizona USA

Here is where you really take a moment to ponder the magnitude and majesty of creation. You can feel so small and insignificant but having your
loving and loyal companion by your side helps to put it all into perspective.



Spain’s Stunning Cala Carbo

Looking back at pictures from Spain’s picturesque beaches, you’ll be pleased to see Fido enjoying himself as the ultimate world traveler.
¡Qué bonito!


Pisa, Italy’s Leaning Tower for Fun Pictures

Watch as your best travelling companion hams it up in the pictures so much better than those silly humans, as this pom-chi does, sporting the iconic Tower like a top hat.


Unique Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Spend some time with your doggy companions in one of the few world cities where you can be swimming in balmy weather and then — just forty minutes later — be traipsing through the mountain snow!


Stockholm, Sweden’s Wondrous Sights

Not only is this a breathtaking city to behold, it has a bazillion fountains.
(And what doggy doesn’t like a nice fountain?)


Run Free at Seven Sisters, Sussex, England

What dog, along with his companion human, would not be on top of the world, running long these beautiful cliffs, sun shining, and wind blowing through his fur…?


Milan, Italy – Fashion Capital of the World

These well-behaved, peaceful pooches seem to really be enjoying Milan but my guess is that they’ve been told that, if they behave, they’ll get to go shopping for the latest in doggy attire!

There Should Be No Question

Does your pooch want to accompany you in your travels? Well, of course!