Owners and Olive finally re-united after 98 days of running!


This is the tale of salt and pepper Schnauzer cross Olive, on the run from rescuers, for 98 days! Her owners reported her missing on April 8th and she has since been spotted all around South Island. Her owners were amazed at the traveling Olive was doing. “It’s amazing — not many people would think a small dog like that would be able to get that far.”

Enter ROAM – Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing

ROAM volunteers helped Olive’s owners look for her. With many sightings over the weeks and many close calls everyone involved could not believe how good Olive was at bolting. No matter what they tried. Barb Mah the co-founder of ROAM said “She did everything and anything to keep away from people…There was no catching this dog.”


Multiple sightings

Her owners and volunteers often came close, even sighting her themselves, or would arrived at sites where confirmed sightings had been reported only to find Olive already gone. No matter what approach rescuers attempted to draw her in Olive refused to be caught.

Flight to Arizona for a special drop net

Finally when she was reported as hanging around some bushes in Brentwood Bay ROAM took amazing action. Setting up cameras and a feeding area to confirm she was there and to try to keep her there, one of them flew to Arizona to get a special net. Co-founder Terry Mah said “We didn’t know how long Olive was going to stick around in the area so I jumped on a plane and turned around and flew back in one day!”

One shot only

Terry and Barb Mah both knew that they would have one shot at this. If they failed to catch Olive she would be off and they would be back to the search, hoping nothing happened to her in the mean time. Thankfully their plan was a resounding success! Olive was caught and returned home. She had lost a little weight but not too much. After a long time of stress and worry and going out to look for her both owners were clearly relived and extremely grateful to ROAM for never giving up. “It’s pretty amazing and we’re all very tired … I’m just amazed this day came and so grateful.”