Our Brave and Faithful Military Working Dogs Need Care Packages, Too!

Next time you’re ready to mail something to make things better for our military personnel overseas, be sure to remember those four-legged, tail wagging members of our Armed Forces. Following extensive training, these brave canine soldiers work as guards, participate in search and rescue missions, and even work to detect explosives, showing themselves to be both hardworking and incredibly brave.


What Do They Need/ What Would They Enjoy?

Items for Hygiene and Grooming:

  • Anti-flea dog shampoo
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Grooming brushes and nail clippers


For Comfort/ Enjoyment

  • Dog Treats – only those made in USA
  • Dog beds, towels
  • Nylon collapsible drinking bowls
  • Mutt Lukers (for snowy conditions)
  • Doggles for eye protection
  • K-9 salve
  • Chew toys (Think KONG)
  • Cooling vests
  • Cooling Mats
  • military-dog-care-packages

    However, in order to make sure your items are appropriate before sending them off, check with the websites of the organizations listed below which accept and distribute Dog Care Packages to our Armed Forces.


    Where Do I Send My Care Package?


    But, while focusing upon the brave dogs in our military deployed overseas, we should remember their handlers with whom they share a very close and special relationship. Some helpful and thoughtful items for them might include:

    • Stationery, pens and envelopes for keeping in touch with family
    • Sunscreen
    • Reading materials
    • Jerky, cookies, hard candy, and other snacks
    • Hot chocolate powder, coffee, and tea
    • Personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, shaving cream, and deodorant.


    You can be certain that your thoughtfulness in sending care packages for military working dogs as well as to their handlers will be greatly appreciated, as you help them to stay comfortable and safewhile they serve our country.