Meet Carpe Diem, the crazy Chihuahua with a flare for Photo ops!

One way the SFACC (San Fransisco Animal Care & Control) reach out to find dog lovers willing to adopt one of their rescues is through their social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Each animal is given a similar amount of posts and pictures with the hope that by liking and sharing them people can spread the word and they can find a new forever home.

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carpe-diem-the-crazy-chihuahua -1


That was until a certain crazy Chihuahua came along and touched us all with his hilarious photo shoot that the SFACC themselves hashtagged as ‘MyWeirdDog’. Carpe Diem is described by the rep from SFACC as ‘ a very silly little dog’ and looking at some of the pictures he posed for, it is easy to see why this goofy guy went viral.



Seizing the Day

This aptly named dog clearly knows how to seize the day and it seems there are a lot of people who appreciate dogs with whacky personalties, with this photo shoot receiving almost 2000 likes and shared with more than 700 people. We do not know about seizing the day but in this next photo he certainly seems to be saying “Make my day!”


Happily ever after

Fans of Carpe will be thrilled to hear this is one dog that got his happily ever after. He was rehomed very quickly thanks to his great personality shining through in his pictures. Great job SFACC and good luck with your new life Carpe. Thanks for the photos that put a smile on so many of our faces!