IKEA’s New Idea is Saving Dogs From Terrible Misfortune!

Did you know that the temperature inside of a parked car could potentially rise up to twenty degrees within ten minutes? It’s no secret that leaving a dog inside of a parked vehicle is not a safe option, but for some reason many people still leave their dogs in the blistering heat.

There are countless stories of people leaving their beloved companions in scorching vehicles. From broken windows to injured pups, some people are tired of hearing about these tragedies and would rather see action taken. IKEA executives, for example, have decided to come up with an innovative solution to this troubling problem.


IKEA is now testing the idea of a “dog parking lot” outside of their Cologne, Germany store. This canine parking lot offers a safe area for dogs while the owners shop within IKEA. The spots of these dog-parking stations include fake grass, water, and a secured fixture for a leash to be tied. Each dog receives their own space, so there are no issues amongst dogs.

So far, customers and their canine companions appear to love the new doggy parking area. In fact, one Twitter user tweeted: “#brilliantidea” underneath a picture of the puppy parking area in action. With all of the positive hype, IKEA stores plan to implement this new pet policy in all of their stores worldwide.


It might seem odd that IKEA is so concerned with the well-being of animals; however, this is not the first time that IKEA has made moves towards bettering the lives of animals. In fact, IKEA stores in Funabashi and Shinmisato Japan both allow small cats and dogs to enter the stores so long as they are carried in a bag, so long as they do not eat all of the meatballs.

IKEA apparently loves to better the lives of their furniture-loving customers’ pets. IKEA representatives are quoted in 2015 as saying,

For those who don’t have the possibility to leave the dog at home we have dog stations in front of several stores. Here customers can fix the dog lead and we offer a bowl of fresh water for the dogs. We have been offering this service since many years.

Better yet, IKEA has been thinking about some people who might be in need of assistance as well. Children and husbands are often neglected during shopping of all kinds, but IKEA has a plan for them as well. The Swedish furniture giant has created childcare areas in many stores worldwide.

For those doting fathers, special areas have been created for those who grow tired of shopping. Men can enter “Manland” for up to thirty minutes, and their partners receive a buzzer that will alarm them when they’re man’s “time is up.”These “Manland” stations include flat screen televisions and computer games—IKEA knows what they’re doing!

Truly, IKEA is a brand that cares for all of their customers, both two and four-legged. Hopefully their pet-friendly parking proves to be a catalyst for other well-known stores in any warm weather climate.