Fantastic Friends – A Boxer and a Bird!


Friendships come in many surprising forms and this article is proof of yet another. Meet the boxer Lord Rusticus, known as Rusty for short and his best friend, a bird his owner named Birdie. Birdie and Rusty have been fantastic friends since Birdie was a little fledgling. They play together, hang out together and show each other great loyalty and affection.


Baby bird found abandoned

One day this summer while she was in her woodworking shop in Kent, England Jurgita Peciulaityte heard her boxer start to bark like crazy. When she went out to see what he was fussing about she found him standing over a baby bird. It was not able to fly and Jurgita could not see any nest close by. Since birds can carry parasites that are harmful to dogs, Jurgita called a local bird rescue but they could not help her.



Concerned about predators

If left outside it was likely the bird would be eaten by predators so instead they brought the baby bird in and offered it warmth, food and companionship. Jurgita says, ‘In the morning the birdie would start chirping so Rusty would come to wake me up, so we both could go and feed him. He is such a caring soul. At the moment Birdie’s favourite place to perch is on Rusty’s chair.’


Spending time outdoors in the yard

As well as hanging out indoors they are also friends outside. Birdie will hop from branch to branch, or from garden chair to branch and Rusty will follow. While they would like Birdie to return to the wild Rusty’s owner admits that she would ‘love him to stay in the garden and keep visiting Rusty.’ Here’s hoping the two friends find a way for their differences to not get in the way of a great and enduring friendship!