Dogs Who Have Become Best Friends Forever With (Amazingly) GOATS!

Take a look at some examples of this amazing phenomenon of dogs becoming quite attached to — of all things — goats! But first – let’s look at definitions of the two:

Dog (dôg) n. A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis Familiaris) of worldwide distribution and many varieties, noted for its adaptability and its devotion to man.

Goat (gōt) n.1. A hollow-horned ruminant (genus Capra) related to the sheep and including wild and domesticated forms.Funk and Wagnalls

As different as they are, isn’t it amazing that they would get along so well? But look:
Now, what these two above have in common is

They’re both little
They’re both incredibly cute

baby-goats-dog friendship

Then we have another example of dog-goat friendship with these two:

Looks as though this large white doggie is so fond of his goat buddy, he doesn’t want to let go! Little guy isn’t exactly complaining, though, is he?


Here’s yet another case of “He’s mine – all mine!” as this boxer
displays an almost fatherly protective attitude toward his little goat friend.



These two below have to decide who’s going to be the boss before they can work at furthering their friendhip. Which one do you think will ultimately be “in charge”? Pound for pound, they seem to be an even match, ready for a little friendly roughhousing.(But one of them has horns.)


“Nothing – absolutely nothing at all — can possibly taste as good as this baby goat,” says the Big Golden. And, you know, somebody has to to take charge of his grooming.


These critters certainly have a lot to teach us Homo sapiens about how to have a deep, loving, lasting friendship with someone who does not quite look like we do. Nothing to lose here, and a world of love to gain!