Is That a Dog I See or is It a Person? Actually, It’s Rupert, the Whippet!

A handsome two-and-a-half-year-old whippet in Great Britain thinks he’s a human. And, you can bet that people who see photos of him may begin to think so, too.
Here’s something which almost has me convinced he’s at least part human:

Bath Time


What normal dog gets excited about taking a bath, like this guy does?
Then, of course, there’s the realization that he looks more natural in that plaid bathrobe than most men could ever hope to.

Helping With the Chores –Indoors and Out


And here is more proof that Rupert is almost human: he seems to be truly adept at doing chores.

Aren’t We Supposed to Wax This Thing Next?


There doesn’t seem to be any attitude here of, “Do I have to?” Rupert just seems to jump right in with both –oops, all four — feet, to do the best he can to help with whatever needs to be done around the house.


Sew, Get a Picture of Me Already!


And it appears that this millennial dude has absolutely no problem doing what was once thought of as women’s work.

Time to Play Now

Finally, thewhippet loves cricket.

How did this all come about, anyway?

Rupert’s owner, Janet Burton, noticed how the puppy would look at her with expressions befitting one of her own species. Her children were grown and, although she already had two female whippets, Rupert just seemed suited for dressing up and posing as a human. For one thing, he does not mind the clothing at all; the short-haired breed tends to appreciate having winter jackets anyway. Secondly, he’s just a natural at posing so, while he seems to really enjoy it. Thanks to Ms. Burton, his photos have given countless others a reason to smile!