Dog Rescuers Steal Your Heart – Scared and Abandoned Dog Rescued!

Eddy, He was seen in the freezing rain, head down, drenched to the skin….


This poor soul spent two years tethered outdoors, even in the freezing rain. Neighbors witnessed him, head down, discouraged, and needing a rescue.

When, finally these folks removed him from his miserable environment and gave him a new home, it became clear just by looking at him, what a difference they had made in his life!

Thanks to the nice folks at WOOF Rescue, an abandoned dog was rescued and is now in a new home.

woof-rescue-lab mix-blossom

Scared and alone, a lab mix later named Blossom, refused to let well-meaning neighbors catch her as she hung out on the porch of an empty house. However, they were able to get her food and water. Then WOOF stepped in. These dog rescuers were able to gain her trust to take her back to their facility where they repeatedly bathed the neglected dog, allowing her to heal over time. Much healthier, she was adopted into a loving home. Just look at her!

Rescuing Chained Dogs by Spreading Knowledge

Another heartbreaker is the too-frequent practice of chaining up dogs outdoors for lengthy periods of time (or maybe all the time). But coming to the rescue in these incidences is The Backyard Project, an organization whose members devote time educating those who cruelly chain up their dogs. Here are some of the serious health and personality issues arising from this type if dog abuse:



Physical and Behavioral Problems

  • They are lacking proper exercise –running to the end of the chain just does not give them the amount of physical freedom they need and deserve
  • Constantly outdoors, they are subjected to disease-carrying fleas and ticks.
  • Ignored, their need for love is not being satisfied. They are not aware of how to interact with humans and other dogs.
  • They become fearful and angry due to this lifestyle, exhibiting cowering or aggressive behavior.

Hats off to The Backyard Project, rescuing chained dogs by making their owners better informed!

“Angel” Rescued by Angels from the Fire Department


A much more dramatic rescue took place on a blustery day in Fairfax County, Virginia. This lovely 75-lb. chow, Angel, was desperate, having slipped through the ice on Lake Thoreau. Thankfully, heroic members of the Fairfax County Fire Department showed up, braving the freezing waters themselves to get this poor dog to safety, then warm and dry.

Dog Rescued by Another Dog!

This lifesaving Newfoundland is big enough that he has enough room on his back for a few more!


This brave guy obviously has had some doggie lifeguard training!

Thank God for those rescuing our four-legged friends in need – especially when, amazingly enough, the rescuers happen to be other dogs.