Dog Rescued by Troopers from Horrifically Hot Car!

In New Hampshire a woman was arrested for leaving her poor dog unattended inside her car this summer. The dog owner left all the windows wound up and the temperature was up to 95 degrees outside, inside the car they would have been even higher.

Police called to the scene

State Police from New Hampshire were called to the Rest Area in Hooksett off the I-93 when people realized the distressed dog was locked in with no windows cranked even a little. One witness says it had been at least thirty to forty minutes. Troopers attempted to find the owner of the Ford SUV but were unsuccessful. They then gained access to the vehicle and rescued the grateful dog who was called Breelyn.



Do not leave you pets.. or children unattended!

It is a sad fact every year we hear or read of stories where dogs and children are being left unattended in cars, cooking in the summer heat. Even if a window is cranked a little, temperatures inside the car can soar higher than those outside and it does not take long for them to become distressed and to start to suffer serious health issues. There are sadly a number of deaths of dogs and children reported each year from being left in a hot car. The fact is even if you think it is only going to be a 10 minute run in somewhere do not leave your dog unattended. It is better to leave it at home where it is cool.

Owner located and charged

In this case the owner, a 41 year old woman called Amy Rose from North Dighton was found. She was charged with cruelty to animals and is waiting for her court appearance having been released on a $1000 bail.