Dog Rescued from the Throes of Death Gets a New Chance at Life!

In an act of cruelty which almost defies the imagination, a friendly old dog was buried and left for dead by his owner. Fortunately, though, Pedro Dinis, walking his own dog, discovered, then rescued her.

Note the Look of Pain in Her Eyes


In the Parisian suburb of Carrieres-sur-Seine , Dinis found this dog buried up to her head in sand and rocks. And the head was not very visible at that , having dirt piled on it, too. Tethered, she would not have been able to free herself, especially given the fact that, as a 10 year old, she suffered from arthritis.
But Mr. Dinis, along with his helpful black Labrador retriever, slowly and carefully removed all the soil from around the poor dog while rehydrating her with the water bottle the man had with him.

She Was in Dire Need of Water at the Point They Discovered Her


This lovely French mastiff was uncovered little by little, revealing the rope tied to her which showed the owner’s nefarious intentions; tying her down as he had done would have prevented her from freeing herself. (A sack of cement was at the other end of the rope.) As well, she was well off the trail, so the chances of her being found were minimal. Fortunately, the two rescuers- -one two-legged and the other four-legged — showed up just in the nick of time, keeping her from succumbing to a horrible death.

Great Team Work, Guys!



The work of freeing her must have been arduous (and tedious, for the amount of time involved) but, apparently, the two were intent upon completing their job.

See How She Helps Her Rescuers at This Point


Almost free!


When the gentle old dog finally was freed from what had been intended to be a live burial, the man saw to it that she received the best of veterinary care, getting her treated for shock and dehydration.
Good Samaritans not only help other people in dire need: sometimes they help our animal friends like this one, rescued from a sure death.

Oh, and the abusive owner was found, thanks to a tattoo on the dog. Police filed charges of animal cruelty against the 20-year-old, and he may be fined and spend up to two years incarcerated. (His story that the dog had run away from home was met with skepticism, given the advanced age of the arthritic animal.)

Just Look at Me Now!


This French mastiff seems to be a different dog altogether, now – rescued, cleaned up, and recovered over time in an animal hospital. Kudos to the two heroes, Mr. Dinis and his black lab for their wonderful rescue of this deserving dog!