Blind Dog Gets a New Chance with a New Family!

Meet Jinx, a blind Pit Bull Mix left at the ACC (Animal Care Center of New York City) because he was not handling living with other dogs very well.


Five year old Jinx was not left at the shelter because he was not a great dog, in fact his previous owners told the shelter he was amazing. It was not because of his breed or even his blindness, something he was born with. Jinx just was not good at living with other dogs and for his safety and theirs his owners decided to hand him in to the shelter in the hopes another family would be able to take him.


Afraid and confused

At first Jinx was understandably scared. Being blind means that being put into new places or situations is a very scarey thing for him. Now alone, without his family and his home he didn’t know what was happening or why he had been abandoned. Staff there found it very difficult to leave him alone because when they did he would cry. A volunteer said, ‘He’s always in front of his kennel, anxious and hoping to go out.’



A different dog

When Jinx had company and was out of the kennel he was a different dog. He enjoyed meeting people, exploring his environment and was a lot happier. He does not let his blindness prevent him from moving around. While he may bump into things more than other dogs he uses his other senses to compensate. But each time it is time to return to the kennel he becomes sad again and the ACC is concerned that not many owners will take on not just a blind dog but one with Pit Bull in the mix.

Now Jinx is thriving

Thankfully with the ACC spreading the word Jinx eventually found his new forever home. All he needed was a home that ‘wants an awesomely loving dog who will adore you to the moon and back’. We are so thankful someone saw how great a dog Jinx was and willingly took him in. Now Jinx is not alone and doesn’t have to cry.