A Dogs Journey from Utter Despair to Unconditional Love!

A dog without a name, wandering the streets starving, cold and alone. This is how Ruben’s story began.

In April this year, a local animal welfare van was driving up and down in the streets of Elsies Rivier South Africa, handing out kennels and food for the dogs in this informal settlement. They spotted a dog eating sand at the side of the road. They stopped and he trotted down the street, but even from a distance they could see bloody septic wounds. They followed him to a close by yard and asked around to try and find his owners. His alleged owners was nowhere to be found, so they took the clearly dehydrated, tired, hungry boy straight to the vet.


On their way to the vet, they decided to name him Ruben. They asked the vet to assess Ruben thoroughly (and it was thorough if ever there was a thorough consultation) to determine his future.


They did not want him to suffer and if they could help mend his soul and body, they would do so.


After 45 minutes of checking Ruben for everything possibly wrong, they took him to Raise ‘n Rescue headquarters where he was trimmed, had a bath and a dip.



After a good meal and meds he settled in a very comfortable bed.



Ruben wasanaemic, he had clear secondary infections from Sarcoptic mange, some of his teeth was missingand he was underweight and very weak, BUT… he had a fighting spirit. So they decided to try everything they can to try and help this boy.

For five days all Ruben wanted to do was sleep. They woke him a few times a day to tend to his wounds, give him his meds and of course the highlight of his day, fresh water and his high protein meals. They knew that Ruben still had a long recovery process ahead and they were worried about his organs and unknown damage to his system and body. They decidedto take it day by day and gave him everything he needed.

Finally his mange started to clear and his skin started to heal properly. Ruben was doing much better and took into foster care where he met his new friend and foster sister Molly.


Ruben regularly went to the vet for check-ups and he was doing great. The vet ruled out any organ damage and it was time to start looking for a forever home for Ruben.


It was hard to believe how much Ruben has changed in six weeks. Not only did his skin heal and his hair started to grow, he had a new confidence and was loving life.

Ruben has stolen the hearts of many, but one lady in particular fell in love with his always wagging tails and sunny personlaity and decided to adopt him. She will make sure that he Ruben willone day forget about his horrible past and that he will only know unconditional love from here on forward.